If you have spent any time in Missoula traffic, you may have seen a bumper sticker that reads "Keep Missoula Weird." Actually, if you have spent any time in Missoula at all, you may have thought that to yourself. Missoula has its quirky-ness. It is what makes Missoula so unique, compared to other places in Montana. Some may consider it weird, but that is what makes Missoula "home" to many of us.

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What are some of the weirdest things that you have seen in Missoula?

For me, I have seen plenty that has made me shake my head in disbelief, only to leave with a smile and an interesting story to share. Everything from the interpretive dancing couple at every outdoor music event, to sightings of streakers posing for photos on the UM oval.

ben tofan via unsplash.com

One story involves an annual event that has put Missoula on the international map. I'm talking about Maggotfest. The international Rugby tournament takes place every year at Fort Missoula. With wild party animals from across the globe converging in one place, you are bound to see interesting things.

While setting up a sound system to DJ a dance party downtown, I witnessed something that still makes me crack up. A man with an Australian accent walked into the bar and assumed I was a bartender. He asked "Hey mate, can I get a shot of whiskey?" I got the attention of the nearest bartender and he poured the shot. The rugby player smiled and said "Thanks." He then proceeded to drop his pants and hit the floor. He carefully placed the shot glass between his buttcheeks. He smoothly did 10 push-ups and did not spill a drop. He retrieved the shot glass, drank it, buckled his pants, said "Cheers, mate!" and walked out of the bar. The other patrons at the bar didn't the slightest surprised by what we just witnessed. Maybe because we are no strangers to weird happenings here in Missoula.

gordon cowie via unsplash.com

Some people on Reddit recently asked the question, "What is the weirdest thing you have seen in Missoula?" The following are just a few examples from the thread.

What are some of the weirdest things you have seen in Missoula? Share with us on Facebook or via our App.

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