We never thought we'd say this, but it seems like Kanye West and Olaf from Frozen have something in common: They both love warm hugs.

It was only in July 2013 that Kanye West and photographer Daniel Ramos entered into a scuffle outside of LAX, a fight that resulted in West being charged with misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft. It wasn't the first nor last time West would find himself in an altercation with paparazzi, the rapper famously (though somewhat understandably) getting into a heated argument with a shutterbug perched outside his home at 4 a.m. roughly two months after the LAX incident.

For now, however, it seems like all that is behind him, with West shockingly changing his attitude towards the ever-persistent paparazzi in this footage obtained by TMZ. On Friday February 19, the rapper was filmed outside LAX once again where he signed autographs, answered some questions, and seemingly broke up a fight between two photographers.

In the midst of the paparazzi madness surrounding West, two photographers got into a heated but brief brawl while vying for a shot of the star. Punches were thrown, legs were kicked, and violence seemed imminent before West, in a surprisingly personal and humane gesture, stepped in between the brawlers and embraced one of the stunned photographers, hugging him into a quiet stupor.

Meanwhile, TMZ's videographer asked the fashion and music mogul if he might have a third baby with his wife, Kim Kardashian, to which he replied with an enthusiastic grin, "Perhaps."

While West seems to be having a mellow moment, the rapper hasn't abandoned his plea for assistance with his self-described $53 million debt. When asked if whether he thought Facebook innovator Mark Zuckerberg would step in, he responded amicably, "I think he might end up helping out."

Who knows—maybe the pararazzi that West saved will donate something to the fund.

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