The paparazzo charged with being the ringleader of the Justin Bieber chase on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles earlier this month has a shady past. Turns out Paul Raef has a criminal record and was slapped with a restraining order back in 2010 for driving recklessly and punching a peer in the face.

Well, we already knew that he was a dangerous driver since he chased the Biebs on a major roadway. But now we’ve found out that he has a major attitude, too.

Raef was deemed the lead pap chasing Bieber and creating a dangerous scenario for all motorists and is facing four criminal charges as part of a new pap law that imposes stricter punishments. But back in 2010, he was trying to snap a shot of model Heidi Klum and got violent with another photographer. Apparently, Raef blamed the other snapper for blowing the chance to shoot Klum and therefore chased him through traffic and blocked his car. Since that’s productive and all.

According to TMZ, Raef approached the other pap’s car and when he rolled down the window, he took the opportunity to punch him in the mouth and cut him. The victim got a restraining order against Raef, but neglected to follow up and the case was then dismissed. Despite the dismissal, this could be damning to Raef’s reputation in the Biebs’ case.

Sounds like Paul Raef is a real stand up dude.

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