Named after the valley in which John Mayer has recently called home, "Paradise Valley," Mayer's soon-to-be-released-album is a tribute to a nearby Bozeman region where he hangs his hat between tours. Channeling his inner Johnny Depp and "found myself in Montana" self on the album cover, Mayer recently hinted that the release date of his latest album is slated for August 13, 2013.

His new single "Paper Doll" features timely references, possibly pertaining to his much publicized break-up with singer Taylor Swift, and an even more timely shout-out to the Prancercize lady.

While many locals seem to have embraced the superstars presence within shouting distance of Bozeman, critics and uber-fans are fearing that his new found peace in Big Sky Country will turn his music into a slightly more, well, country sound. We will just have to wait and see, as "Paradise Valley" arrives in just a few short months. Speaking for most Montana locals, we can hardly wait!

Now... about adding Montana to your tour dates?

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