A study has recently been released by a research firm called Marchex analyzing how often people in Montana (and other states in the nation) use naughty language in taped calls to companies..

You know that recorded voice that says "this call may be recorded"? That's what they used for the following survey..

Photo courtesy of Marchex

Looks like Ohio is the state that fills up their swear jar more than any other state, earning the title of SWEAR CAPITAL OF THE U.S.

Rounding out the top 5 cursing states is Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois.

Residents of Washington state swore the least. Followed by Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia.

Montana falls under the "Goody Two Shoes" category, indicating that we are a bit more well behaved with our vocabulary than most other states. Our parents would be proud.

Another interesting fact: two out of every three swear words come from fellas...and most people in America more prone to curse in the morning as opposed to the afternoon or night.