Let's say you had an amicable split and are still friends with you ex? Is it a good idea to stay close to that person? You may think so, but the experts at Yahoo Shine say it can actually ruin your life. Here's why:

  • They say you'll stay single at lot longer. Why? Because you're not technically moving on and neither is he (or she).
  • Hanging with your ex will damage any new relationship right off the bat. Let's put it this way: it's like having a third wheel and it's not fair to your new guy (or girl).
  • Even if you do find a partner who SEEMS cool with you hanging with you ex, inevitably you'll create some jealous tensions.

I wrote this blog because I'm friends with just about every one of my exes and I don't believe what they're saying. Are you close to your ex? Has it ruined your life in any way? How has it been good for you? Would you put up with your new boyfriend’s ex girlfriend (or vise versa)?