Gentlemen, if you you waiting in the wings for the girl of your dreams to finally end the cycle of bad relationships with attractive jerks...and comes to terms with YOU being the man of her dreams...we got news for you. You may not like what you are about to hear.

It's sad, but it's true, a woman fresh out a relationship with a good looking guy will not come running to you, the less attractive "safe" one, immediately following.

Even sadder, she won't likely date a not-so-good-looking man next.

The reason? Women worry about their status is on the decline after an attractive man dumps her. And if they go on ahead and date someone less handsome afterwards, that, to her would just be accepting the truth.

Another reason is because she wants to feel better about herself by blowing someone like you off. It's less painful to them to reject a less-attractive man.

Question is, WHEN will she finally date the nice guys? Researchers say it will take the woman time to mature and realize that it is simply not about physical appearance.

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