"What night do Missoulians go out the most? Where do you go to dance? How much are you willing to spend? Has the economy affected your party rituals?"

These were just some of the questions we asked in our recent online Ultimate Missoula Nightlife Survey. Respondents varied in lifestyle, music preferences and opinions, but all had one thing in common: They live in Missoula. These results you are about to read seem to accurately reflect the tone being set in our local entertainment community. Anyone in the local nightlife, performing arts, or customer service industries should dig through the following six-page report for some brutally honest and eye-opening opinions. Even if you simply go out to be entertained here in Missoula, you will certainly find this report very informative.

The survey (powered by polldaddy.com) was shared for one full week on our website, as well as the rest of the our sister websites which provided a wider local demographic than most of our surveys. Each respondent was logged via thier ip addresses to enure no possible duplicates.

To request a copy of the complete survey, email us and we will be happy to share the full results.


How often do you frequent entertainment establishments in Missoula?

1-3 nights a week  32%

Less than once a week  30%

Less than once a month  25%

3-5 nights a week 14%

What night do you normally go out?

Friday   37%

Saturday  37%

Thursday  18%

Tuesday  4%

Wednesday  1%

Monday  1%

Sunday  1%

What is the estimated time that you usually arrive at your entertainment destination?

10:00pm 40%

10:30pm 30%

8:00pm 15%

7:00pm 15%

Do you tend to stay at one location, or do you hop around?

Hop Around 58%

Stick Around 42%

What is the most you'd ever pay for a cover charge?

$5.00  49%

$10.00  22%

$2.00  15%

Nothing  14%

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