Will you attend an event if it allows 18 year olds?

Yes  67%

No  33%

What size of crowd do you prefer?

Medium  65%

Large  24%

Small  11%

What is one major complaint that you have about the Missoula nightlife scene?

(most relevant responses)

"The out of control stupid fights over something that really is meaningless. I hate that people want to start trouble over something stupid. Not worth jail or a hospital bill."

"When it rains it pours, meaning we can go weeks without enticing shows, only to have 2 or three acts on the same night that i want to see."

"The dishonesty that surrounds drinking and driving. Most people by a very large percentage are responsible and the very small number that are not are mostly not a reflection of the people that are being scared to leave their house to go out. Its destroying what could be a much better environment."

"Too many places overly crowded with college kids"

"People not dancing on the floor, getting "freaky" on the floor. I don't need to see that. Get a room. Or go to your car at least."

"We don't have an actual club, the variety is there, except a real club. Everybody tries to be one but nobody has yet succeeded."

"There is never anything new and exciting happening. It's been the same bars, with the same people, and the same drink specials for the last 5+ years. The mechanical bull the Elbow Room had was the first new thing to hit the Missoula nightlife scene since the new Elbow room opening last fall."

"Not enough 18 and up places. No CLUBS/LOUNGES where you can dance the whole time like they have in Florida where im from etc"

"Small bars that host big venues like Sean Kellys hosting top of the mic-its just too packed and you cant get a drink."

"No gay bar"

"I think it's great, honestly.  I wish that more people would be involved and support musicians/bands/dj's/any kind of artists that come to Missoula and do less complaining about it!"

"Not a large enough variety of venues for Electronic Dance shows. They are always at the same bars."

"There are no clubs/bars that really play the music I like to dance to. we need some techno rob zombie places."

"The Music Scene is here... it HAS been here... it will always raise and dip with that generations musical interests. However, back to the point of maximum capacity venues becoming fewer and fewer, pertains to nightlife atmosphere that is over crowded by more and more options for entertainment after 9pm."

"I used to go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and there is no place that I can go on a consistent basis. It seems every place is doing something different every week and the people just don't know where to go, I sure don't. I LOVE to dance, but will not pay a cover and then pay to buy drinks too...
Ok, here it is... The Elbow Room reinvented itself and the party crashed, sad but true."

"The only dancing that was actually fun to go to was Dead Hipster until the Press Box started doing things on Thursdays. We're finally getting some variety which is nice but i still wish there was more. Large crowds and good music and great drink specials- perfect trifecta, it just doesn't happen often enough."

"It would be nice to see some parties and events geared toward people in their late twenties and early thirties. For example, a "30 somethings" night with old school hip hop and some of the things we used to do back in the day with maybe a Zima special and/or a contest on who still has the best cross colors gear or something along that line. It will still attract the younger crowd but it will also appeal to the 30 somethings. Just for the laugh, there could be a special on wine coolers and maybe even a best Snoop and Dre impression contest."

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