What effect, if any, has the weak economy had on your nightlife habits?

I'm going out less  33%

The economy hasn't affected my habits  26%

I'm being more attentive to prices  15%

I'm going out to less expensive places  10%

I'm ordering fewer drinks out  10%

I'm ordering less expensive drinks  6%

What is your favorite genre of music?

Rock/Metal 45%

Country 35%

Hip Hop 20%

Techno/Electronic 5%

Other 5%

What is the style of music you like to dance to?

Hip Hop 50%

Rock 20%

Country 20%

Electronic 10%

Do you enjoy Karaoke?

Yes, but I don't participate  29%

No  26%

Yes 26%

Yes, and I participate 19%

Do you enjoy Trivia Night?

Yes  41%

No  26%

Yes, and I participate  19%

No, and I don't participate  14%

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