Griz fans and followers get to see student-athletes compete on the court or playing field, but not everyone gets to see a student-athlete out of uniform.

As crazy

as it sounds, the student-athletes at The University of Montana actually have talents besides scoring goals and shooting baskets.

Okay, the sarcasm is a little strong, but I poke fun for two reasons. One being that I’m a student-athlete myself, so essentially I’m making fun of myself, which validates the teasing ( I hope!). The other reason is because I have witnessed and heard very talented student-athletes first hand. No, this does not include the Lady Griz singing in the locker room. Sorry, team.

One specific University of Montana soccer player stands out. I’ve literally driven around campus blasting the voice of Miss Tyler Adair out my window. It’s fine, you have every right to think I’m a stalker now, but just you wait. The sophomore standout from San Diego, Calif., sports number 27 on the soccer field, but you should hear this girl sing! She not only writes her own music, but also accompanies herself and sings the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of her songs.

I’m no Simon Cowell, but I think the fact that she's approaching 14,000 hits on her song “You’ll Miss Me Someday” in just two months speaks for itself.

"I sing and song write for fun," said Adair, a spunky midfielder. "I absolutely love music, so I've been singing around the house since I was 2. Some of my inspirations to sing come from personal stuff, but also it's a lot of storytelling, so it's easy to exaggerate for a more exciting or relative story."

Next time you see Adair on campus or on the field, remember her for more than just her soccer skills.

"I do it (sing and song write) for fun right now, but if anything ever came out of it I would be so ecstatic," Adair said. "I would be lying if I said I didn't have a long-shot dream about possibly making it big!"

Who knows, maybe you’ll get to tell your friends that you know a famous singer/songwriter someday?


Jordan Sullivan is a current student-athlete at The University of Montana where she is a member of the Lady Griz basketball team. She grew up in Sidney, Montana, and is working toward a degree in marketing.