Sobbing and screaming really is not something Missoula's newest moms attempt to provoke from their children.

However, in our Crying Babies of Missoula photo contest, that is precisely the name of the game.

Eager local mothers and fathers uploaded hundreds of photos for this event, where family members and friends were on hand to encourage the tykes into a maddened state of insanity.

The baby who received the most votes during our four-week contest won the grand prize: two pairs of concert tickets to a local Zoo FM show of their choice, and online bragging rights!

After weeks of pouring through submissions and votes we are now pleased to announce the top crying baby! Without further ado, here is the best Crying Baby of Missoula.

Name: Mackenzie Harcrow

Age: Kayce Harcrow

Age: 2 years, 3 months

Mackenzie Harcrow

Here's a screenshot of the poll results

Congrats, Mom and Dad! And of course, big love to Mackenzie. We hope that this moment will put a smile back on your beautiful daughters face again. Speaking of...we are dying to know...what made her cry in the first place?