Don't get me wrong! I'm all about technology. And I'm all about music. Anything to get closer to both is good in this DJ's opinion.  But to have your headphones SURGICALLY EMBEDDED into your ears? Heck, it beats a tattoo that you might regret later on in life.

Get ready for the next evolution in transhumanism, that is, if this self proclaimed "Grinder" has anything to do with it. Meet Rich Lee, a man who's gone to extreme measures to ensure he's never too far away from what he wants to hear at increased volumes. Lee has modified his body, more specifically his tragus (the opposite side of the ear from the lobes), to secure coils that conduct sonic frequencies not unlike the technology found in bone-conduction headphones.

According to his detailed DIY article:

I still have a lot of experimenting to do and a lot of things to troubleshoot. Several things impact sound quality and volume. First, the closer the coils move toward the implant, the louder the sound becomes. Pressing on my tragus and moving the implant closer to the eardrum likewise increases volume. A future implant will definitely be a coil very close to the existing implant.

Lee also intends to experiment with Bluetooth features in the near future.

Me? I'd be down. Sign me up. Not just for the music either, but for covert spy operations and all around bad-assery . But what about you? Would YOU go under the knife for headphone implants?