HOT MUSICIAN: Ladies, Greg T knows that you loves guys in bands. So who is hotter…. The guy that plays the piano and sings or the guy that plays the guitar and sings?

HOW DO YOUR BOOBS FEEL: Danielle Monaro said that today one breasts feels larger than the other! Plus one of her boobs hurts a little. Greg T wants to know… how do your boobs feel today?

LASAGNA: On a scale of 1-to-10 how much do you love lasagna? Greg T gives it a 6... maybe a 7. What about you? #TopicTrain

STOLEN PACKAGE: Have you ever stolen a neighbor’s package? Maybe you’ve taken something from the UPS truck while the deliveryman wasn’t looking? What was inside your stolen package?

DROVE AWAY: Greg T wants to know… have you ever just driven away without paying for your gas? It seems so easy!

I’M THINKING OF A NUMBER: Greg T is SO SMART he can guess the number you’re thinking of! Go ahead… give him a try!