A local chapter of the Belegarth Medieval Combat society is hosting a public event at Bonner Park Saturday May 4th, 2pm.

Belegarth has been in Missoula for about 12 years that focuses on medieval combat and its practice. It’s a full contact sport using a hit system for scoring, similar to martial art tournaments. Their weapons are padded for the individuals’ safety and it allows the group to be accessible to most people because the weapons are pretty inexpensive.

It is a fun sport! Great for exercise, improves hand and eye coordination, agility, and endurance. It is a great alternative for people not interested in large organized sports. More similar to martial arts where the individual excels instead of the group.

Also excellent for stress relief. They hit each other with force, but safely practice with technique in order to do this full contact sport without a great deal of safety equipment. Think of it as Olympic boxing or Olympic Tae Kwon Do. The only difference here is the weapons contain the safety gear not the person.

More information about the national group can be found at www.belegarth.com and you can contact the Missoula chapter via Facebook.