Hey it’s me, Elvis Duran, host of the new Zoo FM morning show. Your host of the party, your Maitre’d of the mornings. You get the picture. I’m a person who loves traveling and enjoys great movies, books, wines and restaurants.  I’m also hooked on such TV shows as Glee, Modern Family, Dexter, and Weeds.

"You become our friends, we wake up and we know you're always there, and you're really funny...people don't tell you guys enough the impact you have." -Lady Gaga


"It won't take long before you become addicted to this program. I have absolute faith that our audience will fall completely in love with Elvis and his co-hosts"
-Aaron "Tallest DJ in America" Traylor
Sample one of Elvis' world famous "Phone Taps" below:
107.5 Zoo FM knows what people look for in the morning. Something to wake them up and get them ready for their day. Elvis Duran and the Zoo FM Morning Show has the energy and humor that opens your eyes and the pop culture and current event news that keeps you up to speed. The down to earth personalities will weave themselves into Missoula's morning routine with the ease and closeness of conversation with a good friend. Elvis and his crew are just like their listeners, and between the heavy call-in involvement, the Facebook page, and the scrolling text message feed that bursts with activity during the show, you are engaged in shaping the content right alongside them.
"It's not radio. It's family."