German investigators in slain exchange student Diren Dede's hometown of Hamburg have asked authorities in Missoula for details into the investigation of his death.

Press Spokeswoman for the German Consulate in San Francisco, Julia Rhinehardt, said on Tuesday that the prosecutor's office in Hamburg has officially asked for more information regarding the shooting death of the teenager.

"Up till now, the public attorney's office of the city of Hamburg has made this request for additional information, and they would like to know how American authorities are investigating this case," Rhinehardt said. "It is up to the public attorney of Hamburg then, to decide whether they would like to open their own investigation or not."

"There is a paragraph in the German criminal code that states that investigations can be opened in a case where a German citizen is the victim of a crime abroad," Rhinehardt said. "On the basis of this aspect of the code the legal authorities of the state of Hamburg, Diren's hometown, have made a request to American authorities to know more about the investigations and the results of those investigations."

Rhinehardt said no decision has yet been made as to whether any charges would be filed in Germany against the man who shot Dede to death, Markus Kaarma.

"That has not been decided yet," Rhinehardt said. "At this point they have just made this request for more information, and I think they will decide about that as soon as they receive the information, but as of now, it's really too early to say anything about that."

Rhinehardt said the media in Germany has had a great deal to say about the April 27 shooting death in Missoula, as Dede was "garage-hopping" in Kaarma's garage.

"We all expect a speedy and thorough investigation in this case, and we expect that justice will be done," Rhinehardt said. "We don't understand how a youngster like Diren Dede can be killed just because he trespassed in a garage."

Press Spokeswoman for the German Consulate in San Francisco, Julia Rhinehardt