The days of 'Futurama' have sadly come and gone, at least for the moment, as the long-running sci-fi animated series came to yet another conclusion with last summer's Comedy Central finale "Meanwhile." Now, New New York lives again in glorious 3D with an incredible fan-animated video of 'Futurama' brought to life in live action, Planet Express ship and all!

You won't see any of the Planet Express crew brought to life in the gorgeous (if brief) new animation from fan artist Alexey Zakharov, though the quick animation's inclusion of a "Mom's Friendly Robot Oil" billboard gives us an idea of what 'Futurama' characters might look like in real life. Inspiringly scored to the tune of 'Forrest Gump,' the brief animation shows a breathtaking skyline of New New York, shortly before the Planet Express ship and other equally impressive cruisers zoom by.

Though the 30-second clip is all we get to see of 'Futurama' 3D in motion, the website also includes a number of artists renderings of the Planet Express ship in space (and a wee li'l Leela, if you look closely). It's nothing official, and we'd expect any real 'Futurama' revival to keep to its traditional animated look, but watching the clip, its' hard not to feel the same sense of awe Fry experienced upon realizing his year 3000 setting way back in the series premiere.

You can check out the incredible 'Futurama' 3D clip above, and tell us if you'd want to see Fry, Leela, Bender and the Planet Express crew resurrected in glorious CG surroundings!