If you travel a lot — or want to — and have a thing for Denny’s food, the restaurant chain has a deal just for you: eat at a Denny’s in all 50 states in the next year and you’ll get free Grand Slams for life.

Denny’s launched the ’50 State Challenge’ to help promote the regional specialties on its new Tour of America menu. The associated smartphone app lets you check-in when you visit a Denny’s, and in exchange you’ll get digital badges, awards and prizes.

The biggest prize? Be the first person to check-in at a Denny’s in each US state, and that lifetime supply of Grand Slam meals is yours. You can also join forces with a couple more people as a team of three to hit all 50 states, but then the Grand Slams only last a year.

Either way, you only have 12 months to rack up all those Denny’s visits — so you’d better get started.

[Dallas Observer]