We won't stereotype or judge you because of the things you post on Facebook. However, we WILL stereotype and judge people other than you for the things THEY post.

Some personality experts over in London looked at 555 people's personality tests and then cross-referenced that with the kind of Facebook posts they made. There were some pretty surprising connections with what kind of personality they had with the kind of social media updates they shared. See if you agree..


  • 1

    Low Self-Esteem

    If you shared more updates about your significant other, apparently you had low self-esteem.

  • 2


    If people posted about their achievements and were fueled by the amount of likes and comments, then that person was more likely to be a narcissist.

  • 3

    Even More Narcissism

    People were as just a narcissist as #2 above if they posted a lot about your diet and exercise.

  • 4


    People who spoke more about their children or kids tended to be more conscientious.