See...THIS is what happens when we lose a good man from Missoula. One on up and leaves and becomes famous n' stuff. Not to say you can't get discovered here, but it seems to be much easier when you move away, especially for former University of Montana Grizzly Athletics Director Assistant, Brent Reser.

We've had the pleasure of working side by side with Brent on numerous projects, like building the perfect Grizzly tailgate playlist! And now, Missoula is all small change stuff to Mr. Big Man who now appears in the new Darius Rucker 'Homegrown Honey' music video.

Yup, now after appearing in the video (which if you are looking carefully at the 1:42 mark you'll see him) he's sure to be overwhelmed with agents trying to sign him, and fighting off the girls left and right as we speak. Must be nice Mr. Reser, must be nice.

Congrats to the big timer! Don't forget us little people! (Oh, and we admit we are still a wee bit jealous of his blogging skills, too. He runs a great blog.)