When you are young, you usually are trying different drinks out, and making a big time share of drinking mistakes.

There's no dishonor in this. Everybody has to get through it.

But, once you hit the age of 25, it's time to grow up and start drinking like an adult.

Here's a rundown of the drinks no man over the age of 25 should be ordering:

  • Any Iced Tea Drink -- Long Island Iced Teas, Long Beach Iced Teas, Tokyo Teas, whatever. It's time to put down the glass ... as well as the paper umbrella on top of it.
  • Jagerbomb -- Adults are gainfully employed, which means they don't do drink-a-thons.
  • Shooters -- Are you really ordering Jolly Ranchers and Gummi Bears and keeping a straight face?
  • Vodka and Energy Drink -- This is just disgusting. Knock it off.
  • Choose Your Own Ingredient Drinks -- If you're at a bar, it is definitely not the time to reinvent the wheel. If you can't pick one of the 10,000 drinks that already has a name, you've got issues.