It was a fun experience to actually get some pointers and learn to golf. I did so in Denver at Park Hill Golf Course and it was a blast. I had been to the driving range one other time and had not really had any pointers and any other time I've been on a course it's not playing just driving the cart normally.

From trying to keep my arm straight and not move my wrist to my feet placement and movement, I was trying to do a lot in one sitting. Golf is not the easiest thing to conquer, and can be very frustrating I can already tell. It's a sport you have to practice at and is actually good exercise or at least a work out of your muscles. It can tweak your back, but if done right hopefully that doesn't happen.

I still need professional lessons or at least pointers. I'll be grabbing a few women's clubs and going to the driving range to practice.

I didn't hit the green but for now I'll work on my swing and on the driving range and maybe putting green. If you have any tips get a hold of us and let me know! Much appreciated.


    The Love of Shooting the Longbow