Presenting Swerv: A teenage dance experience brought to you by the same creators of the PULSE theme parties at The Press Box that shook up Missoula's nightlife. Boy Burns Bridge and DJ L-ROCK along with occasional special guest, The Tallest DJ in America bring the electronic and new era dance element to an age group that is starving for a nightlife all their own.

Working with Westside Lanes & Fun Center/Bowl Dog Lounge the team has created a solution for the teenage nightlife boredom. A night that would expose Missoula youth to the same club atmosphere that these DJ's have worked so hard to establish for the adult demographic. However this designated night promotes no drugs, drinking or "bad vibes" to an age group that has been begging for some kind of nightly entertainment. Every Wednesday night Swerve will present our communities' teenagers with a 16,000 watt sub woofer throbbing system, an amazing light show, and electronic dance music that has only been offered to the 18 and up crowd.

The charge is a $5 entry fee for ages 13-18, and the official send off is June 6th! Make sure to like the official page and tell your children, friends and relatives about this truly needed cause.