An agricultural aircraft flying over Belgrade, Montana was shot at back in July and the FBI Salt Lake City Field Office is asking for public assistance in identifying the person or persons responsible. Spokeswoman Sandra Yi Barker says they are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information.

“It happened on July 18th of this year,” said Barker. “Fortunately, the pilot was not injured. However, this could have been a very dangerous situation and anytime someone is shooting at someone or something and in this case an aircraft, it is very troubling to us. We definitely want to take a look at it as a public safety concern, talk to the person who may have been involved and try and get some information about this.”

According to Barker, there were multiple shots fired at the aircraft and one came extremely close to hitting the pilot.

“One bullet hit the aircraft 18 inches from the cockpit,” Barker said. “A bullet fragment was also found in one wing and that was determined to have been fired from a .22 caliber long rifle. Fortunately, the pilot wasn’t hurt. He was able to land the aircraft safely, but it was inoperable until the repairs were done.”

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 801-579-6187.

Photo Courtesy Of FBI Salt Lake City Field Office
Photo Courtesy Of FBI Salt Lake City Field Office