Continuing my 'in no particular order' run down of the things in Missoula I love the most. From photographers to downtown dining, here are a handful of my favorites...


  • 97

    Local Radio Stations

    Of course, I'm a bit partial to my own. Still, scanning the dial of Missoula radio stations has always been a treat. We have some pretty amazing production and programming talent in this town.

  • 96

    The Bridge Pizza

    A Hip Strip staple. Best pizza crust near downtown!

  • 95

    Montana Fair Demolition Derby

    It's a guilty pleasure, for sure. The Western Montana Fair just cannot be complete without some metal on metal carnage.

  • 94

    Dan’s Soup and San

    Even when they moved closer to the Southgate Mall, the local family owned sandwich shop will forever be my favorite place to eat for lunch.

  • 93

    Bob Wire

    Bob is of the most talented singers in the state. His videos and local songs have always been a hit. I love his style.

  • 92

    Jordan Johnson

    One of the most recognized names from the Griz lineup may have a had some controversial moments over the past few years, but his sportsmanship is still unrivaled.

  • 91

    Monte Dolack

    Someday I will own of of these original paintings!

  • 90


    This no-kill adoption center is the home of many animals that need a good home.

  • 89

    Deserae Pollock Photography

    Deserae has a keen eye for detail, her photos are absolutely stunning.

  • 88

    The Top Hat

    Especially now that it has had a new sound system and stage installed! This place is top notch in terms of entertainment and style.