Today, I continue to reminisce about the things that make Missoula great. Allow me to carry on with my favorites, in no particular order.

  • 87

    A website that dives deep into the best Missoula has to offer. From guest bloggers to fact-filled articles, this is one of my daily web hits.

  • 86

    Reverend Slanky

    While I never had much of a chance to see them perform live, I know how much an impact they have made on the local music scene.

  • 85

    Chicks and Chaps

    A wonderful organization that helps tackle breast cancer with numerous fundraisers throughout Missoula.

  • 84

    Floating the Clark Fork

    My favorite summertime leisure activity. Grab your tube and meet me!

  • 83

    Colin Hickey

    One of the brightest men I've had the pleasure of meeting in Missoula. If you want to get on the network fast-track, this is the guy to get to know.

  • 82

    UM Athletic Department

    Because....Go Griz!

  • 81

    The Montana Club

    Bob and Nick at the Montana Club are pros in the restaurant industry. It's been amazing watching them grow their franchise over the years.

  • 80

    Montana Mornings talk show on KGVO

    The only true live Missoula news talk program. Peter, John and their special guests get my day started off the right way.

  • 79

    Finn and Porter

    The finest dining establishment with some of the best chefs in town.

  • 78

    The Dead Hipsters

    These guys have been bringing the party to downtown for just about as long as I've lived here. Legends.