From local MMA fighters, to sweet, locally made pastries, here is my continuing countdown (again, in no particular order) of the best things in Missoula, Montana...(again, in my humble opinion).


  • 77

    Sibahn Doxey

    Miss Montana USA might not even be living in Missoula as much as she used to anymore, but she still represents our city to the fullest.

  • 76

    Billy and Charene on KYSS FM

    The most entertaining live morning show in Missoula. I love these two like brother and sister.

  • 75

    Biking Trails

    Missoula is one of those towns where you can ditch your car and travel just about anywhere on a bicycle.

  • 74

    Blue Mountain

    My dog loves being let go on a leash up there. This dog park is the perfect place for active pups.

  • 73

    Bernice’s Bakery

    From breakfast to breaking your diet, this is the best sweet shop in town.

  • 72

    The 4 X’s

    One of the most recognized Missoula landmarks aside from Mount Sentinel.

  • 71

    Red’s Towing

    These guys and gals have saved my butt on many occasion!

  • 70

    Taylor Selig

    While he is usually the most in-demand fitness guru's around, he's still one person to know both professionally and personally.

  • 69

    Pure Romance

    Sylvia knows how to strike up a little hotness in the bedroom, her products are just what couples need.

  • 68

    Dogpound Fight Team

    Matt Powers and his crew are one MMA force that simply cannot be reckoned with.