Everyone who has lived in Missoula, Montana has a favorite list of "things". These are mine. In no particular order, we finally arrive at the Top 7.

  • 7

    The Missoula Independent

    Kudos to the brave authors and editors that constantly dig deep to find the stories that truly interest us.

  • 6

    Mayor John Engen

    One of the friendliest (and funniest) politicians I've ever met in Missoula.

  • 5

    Washington Grizzly Stadium on Game Day

    There is nothing more exciting than local tailgate parties and the sound that comes out of the stadium after a home team touchdown.

  • 4

    Jill Valley (KPAX)

    Jill is one of the most genuine television broadcasters in the industry. In a world where everyone is a journalist, this is the one to trust.

  • 3

    The Hip Strip

    This street is the true definition of Missoula. Amazing food, unique local shopping and a charm that is all its own.

  • 2

    Townsquare Media

    Sure, it may seem like I'm brown nosing...but still! Even if I didn't work here at this fabulous organization I'd be envious of the staff and brands they represent. This is a forward thinking radio company.

  • 1

    Raising a Family in Missoula

    While I did say that this countdown was 'no particular order', I did, however, reserve the top spot for this particular entry. There is so much to offer the young ones, everything from the great outdoors to just enough amenities that a big city can offer before becoming too big of a town itself. Missoula, to me, feels like the safest place to raise a child and start a family.