Nearing the halfway point of my countdown where I share with you the best people, places and things that make Missoula great...let's continue in no particular order.

  • 67

    Diane Beck

    This professional home seller from Windermere Real Estate is one of the first people you should call when you want to get top dollar for your home.

  • 66

    Taco Del Soul

    One burrito is all it takes...then you are hooked.

  • 65

    The Cold Hard Cash Show

    This Johnny Cash tribute band is a Missoula treasure. You need to see them live.

  • 64

    Five on Black

    Looking for something just a tad different for your taste buds around lunch time? This might be what you have been hankering for.

  • 63

    The Press Box

    You don't have tickets to the game? This might be the next best place to cheer on the home team for sports fans.

  • 62

    Missoula Indoor Soccer Arena

    My daughter is a huge fan of the bouncy castle!

  • 61

    Homecoming parade

    There is nothing more exciting than to see the whole town come out for this annual event.

  • 60

    Local artwork on the electricity boxes

    This is a beautiful touch to an otherwise obnoxious city utility. This kind of stuff really gives Missoula its charm.

  • 59

    Paul’s Pancake Parlor

    A breakfast place worth waking up early, and waiting in line for.

  • 58

    The Lucky Strike

    A bowling alley full of familiar faces on an average Friday. Also a place with a great lounge and live entertainment.