It's hard to put all of my favorites in order! There is just so much about this city that I love. Still, I'm trying to recall the people, places and things that make Missoula great. Let's continue...


  • 57

    Ear Candy Records

    This was the first place I ever bought a piece of vinyl, and the kick start to my addiction as an avid music collector.

  • 56

    UM Cheerleaders

    Their physical skill is unrivaled and their ability to rile up a crowd is unmatched.

  • 55

    Grizzly Statues

    Some of the most amazing sculptures of our college mascot can be found all over town including the Clark Fork trail and near the UM oval.

  • 54

    Good Food Store

    When you need the best organic food in Missoula, or just a nice cafe to enjoy some lunch, this is one place that's earned its reputation.

  • 53

    Downtown Dance Collective

    While I'm not much of a dancer (trust me, you don't want to see it...) I can, however appreciate how much this space means to the local arts community.

  • 52

    Shear Art Salon

    Dana and her crew are skilled pros with scissors, clippers and colors. Some of my best haircuts have come from this place.

  • 51

    Hospice of Missoula

    The services they provide and the fundraisers they produce are top notch and well-deserved for families that struggle with loss.

  • 50

    Universal Choke Sign

    I'm not quite sure if this band is still together, but during their time in the spotlight they have earned the honors of the greatest metal band to ever come out of Missoula.

  • 49

    Florence Coffee Company

    Our commutes to the office would simply drag were it not for this gourmet drive-thru.

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    From finding great deals, to unloading stuff you simply don't need...this place is your one-stop drop off and value shop.