I could go on and on about the best things this little college town has to offer, but I'm doing my best to choose only 107 of them. No pressure, or anything. Let's pick up where we left off, in no particular order...

  • 47

    Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency

    This modeling agency has a keen eye for fresh, local talent and has truly helped shaped the lives of many rising runway stars.

  • 46

    Farmers Market

    There is just something about the energy that the Farmers Market brings to downtown Missoula. You don't even have to like vegetables to appreciate what it has to offer.

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    This events calendar should be your one-stop shop for finding the dates, times and places of local happenings.

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    A trip down Ryman avenue on any given weekend would not be complete without a visit to see owner Justin Manzer, DJ Squirmy and the crew.

  • 43

    Hellgate Rollergirls

    I had the honors of DJing a few of their bouts during the 2015 season. These girls...you don't want mess with the best.

  • 42

    Buzz Records

    It's been thrilling to watch this local hip hop label grow from the studio basement to some of the largest stages in the nation.

  • 41

    Caras Park in the Summer

    On any given day during the hottest months you are always likely to find live music, incredible family entertainment and a view of the Clark Fork that is simply jaw-dropping.

  • 40


    Two words....Cheese fries.

  • 39

    Cashy Hyde Foundation

    An organization that was founded after the passing of little Cash Hyde has gone on to raise further awareness about the families that deal with cancer.

  • 38

    UM Girls Basketball

    They are tall, talented and a joy to watch on the court year after year.