Seriously, I could go on about why I love Missoula...In fact, yes! Yes, I will...

  • 37

    Denny Bedard

    One of the most familiar voices on the radio dial. This longtime KYSS FM announcer is one of the many DJ's that will be remembered

  • 36

    Pleasant View Neighborhood

    Granted, I'm a bit partial to this area because I live there...still, I'd argue that it is the best neighborhood in Missoula.

  • 35

    Rockin’ Rudy’s

    You can always find something that suits your style at this local knick-knack gift shop.

  • 34

    Missoula Art Museum

    Do you want to have your finger on the pulse of the downtown community? Start here first. This place is the ultimate definition of how Missoula uses all of its senses.

  • 33

    Dax Photography

    Dax's eye for detail is what makes his photography stand out from the rest.

  • 32

    Missoula Childrens Museum

    You guessed it...another one of my daughters favorite places.

  • 31

    Mark Heyka (KECI)

    Another trustworthy local weatherman that serves up our local forecasts with an infectious smile.

  • 30

    Keep It Grizzly

    A local music label and clothing brand that has extended their reach in 2015 to capture the essence of what it's like to be a Montana Grizzly.

  • 29

    Slash and The Missoula Maulers

    This winter sports team and their lovable mascot would give any hockey rival a reason to fear stepping onto the ice.

  • 28

    Wapikiya Records

    Another local music label that continues to produce some catchy beats and hooks.