I know I could add way more than just one-hundred and seven things that I love about this town. There's just so much to love! Still, Missoula is my favorite town in Montana and I would like to continue to show you all the reasons why below.


  • 27

    Big Dipper Ice Cream

    The variety, the flavors and a long line I really don't ever mind waiting in.

  • 26


    The kindest local staff and the best fashion brands in the mall. Bonus points for having a really great big and tall man department.

  • 25

    Currents/Splash Montana

    It's a year round destination for me and my family. We especially love the indoor pool and hot tub during the winter.

  • 24

    Missoula Police Department

    I've met a number of top-notch officers in Missoula. I can truthfully say that these men and women would put their lives on the line for our safety. They deserve my respect.

  • 23

    Downtown Shopping

    Missoula has one of the most unique and lively Main Streets of any Montana town. I love taking tourists here first.

  • 22

    The Hub Family Entertainment Center

    Another family destination that offers big city entertainment for a small college town. Laser Tag is my game of choice.

  • 21

    A Carousel for Missoula

    Kids, and kids at heart can agree, this is the pinnacle of family fun in downtown Missoula.

  • 20

    The Broadway Sports Bar and Casino

    The Broadway has a fun variety of entertainment most weekends and a great destination for holiday-themed events. Their Halloween party, for example, is always the best around.

  • 19

    Camping Just Outside of Town

    The beautiful thing about living here are the woods not far from your back door. Just grab a tent and roll out in any direction, you are sure to find the perfect spot.

  • 18

    City Life Community Center

    This place has it all! There are so many things to do here that you could literally spend all day here. A must-go if you are ever bored.