Missoula will forever be one of the coolest town's in the state. I've lived all over Northwest Montana and I always choose the Home of the Griz over any other town. Can I share just some of the things that I love about Missoula?

Let's begin, in no particular order...

  • 107

    Mount Sentinel

    The most iconic of Missoula landmarks holds a special place in my heart. Hiking up the switchbacks was not only my first true cardio exercise experience, but also the place where I met my so-to-be wife!

  • 106

    Staggering Ox Sandwiches

    Is it a beer can coozie? A sandwich without corners? All of the above, and then some! Staggering Ox has the most unique sandwiches in Missoula.

  • 105

    Stockman’s Bar at 12:15am

    Not at midnight, and most certainly not at 9pm. The peak time for dancing and mingling at the downtown hangout spot is promptly 12:15pm.

  • 104

    Missoula Underground Strength Training

    This well-known fitness facility is the key turning point for my weight-loss journey. The crew at MUST helped me get into the best shape of my life.

  • 103

    The Trail Near the Clark Fork Through Downtown to UM Campus

    While I never did manage to travel all the way to the end (there is an end, right?) This trail is one of the most beautiful tours of East Missoula.

  • 102

    The Wilma Theater on Concert Night

    Especially now that there is a new coat of paint on the otherwise legendary venue. This is the place where amazing memories and music is made in Missoula.

  • 101

    Five Guys

    While I never indulged much here, the times that I did were very satisfying. Best burgers in town.

  • 100

    Fly Fishing

    Now, while I never truly had gone fly-fishing but once, I can genuinely say that the sport compliments this town with it's patience and grace.

  • 99

    Alpha Phi Sorority

    This sorority produces some of the best, most educated women on University of Montana campus.

  • 98

    Russ Thomas (KPAX)

    This friendly weatherman is one of the nicest guys both on and off camera. Proud to call him a friend.