Eyewitnesses at Yellowstone National Park claim they saw a drone splash down into one of the parks most iconic natural wonders.

"Last weekend, we had an unmanned aircraft that was being flown over Grand Prismatic Spring and we have several eyewitness reports that say that it crashed into the spring,"said park spokesman Al Nash. "We have not been able to spot this devise, but Grand Prismatic is big, deep, and hot.  We assume that the drone was made of plastic, metal, and a battery of some sort and we are trying to determine if it poses any kind of threat to the spring."

Yellowstone Park banned the use of drones inside the park just two months ago, in June. The ban was put in place to prevent damage to natural features and cut down on interference with wildlife. The new ban may be used in a violation citation against the drone operator.

"We have had contact with an individual that identified him/herself as the operator," Nash said. "I don't know anymore than that. Given that Grand Prismatic is very photogenic I don't it's a real stretch to assume that this flight was to get still images or video of the spring.

Nash says park officials are considering flying a helicopter over Grand Prismatic Springs to see if the drone can be found.