I spent practically the whole time on my winter vacation last year counting down the days when I have to get back to my regular routine of the daily grind. We all do that, I'm certain? But we really don't want to be a Debbie Downer the whole time during the Christmas season.

I also just learned that the exact moment of happiness PEAKS around the third day of a vacation. And it's true! More specifically, 7:30pm on the third day. Technically, that would be this Saturday if you are starting your vacation this Thursday.

That's usually when most are in full holiday vacation mode . . . you still have plenty of vacation left . . . you still have plenty of money left . . . and you haven't completely blown your budget.

They also say that 67% of people say they feel EXTREMELY SAD on the last day of a vacation (myself included) . . . and 5% even CRY (myself included).