The National Park system began a new initiative this week, which allows some school students to gain free admission to Glacier, Yellowstone and other national parks. .

"We do have a great, exciting initiative that just started. President Obama kicked it off on Tuesday," Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman Julena Campbell said. "This is a program that allows all 4th graders across the nation to get into all national parks and all federal public lands for free."

The JR Ranger booklet is only $3 and a free pass that comes along with the booklet is good for over 2,000 federal recreation areas, and can be found online.

"Go to," Campbell said. "There's some activities that they'll do online that hopefully they'll find pretty fun. And then at the end there's a voucher they can print off and bring it to Yellowstone National Park or any of the national parks across the country that charge a fee and get in free."

The educational materials included in the "Every Kid in a Park" initiative may pose a dilemma for parents that believe the federal government already manages too much land. For example, the very first question in the materials ask students to name an area in their city or neighborhood that needs "federal protection."