Once a month or so, the most talented painters, dancers, visual experts and DJ's from Missoula, Montana take the 3 hour road trip up to Whitefish and showcase their skill in the best club in the state. 

Empire Dance Party is more than just a dance party. It's an expression of local art fused with dance. While one mix master might be on the decks, another artist might be armed with a paintbrush, swirling his or her colors on a large tapestry. It's the perfect combination of visual with audio, coupled with beautiful go-go dancers and B-Boy/B-Girl crews.

Casey's Bar in Whitefish dominates the club culture on so many levels, in fact three of them! The triple story venue is the talk of the local community and is really the only legitimate venue for EDM dance culture in the area. That's why promoters like Logan Foret with the Empire Dance Party is shuttling up some of the finest talent Missoula has to offer. Foret, best known for this BFK events (Disco Bloodbath, Fish Bowl Fridays) hopes that this allows the northern part of our state another chance to see why one of Montana's biggest towns is one to recognize and appreciate.

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Here's some footage of an Empire Dance Party from a DJ's perspective in the video below.