Remember going into Ear Candy when it was at the Warehouse Mall on Alder? Yeah, that was a whopping 20 years ago!

We are so fortunate to have such a uniquely rad local record store right here in our community. In the last 2 decades, Ear Candy has thrown legendary parties, hosted hundreds of bands, sold more than 100,000 albums, remained loyal to being 100% local, contributed to hundreds of benefits & community projects, stayed punk af and, did I mention, thrown legendary parties?

Join us on Saturday, September 23rd at Ear Candy for a parking lot party with Shahs, Tiny Plastic Stars, Rooster Sauce, Cairns, Tormi, and Protest Kids. The party is from 1 - 6 p.m., open to all ages, FREE and almost everything in stock is 20% off from September 18th to the 24th.

Cheers and congrats to John, Chris, Adelaide, their past and current staff and partners & to all who have contributed to making Ear Candy Music such an asset to Missoula!

On September 20th, 1997 John Fleming, along with his original partner Tex, opened the doors of Ear Candy Music at the Warehouse Mall...(read more)

John Flemming, photo by Ear Candy
The very first Ear Candy T-shirt designed by Greg Twigg circa 1997. Notice the Warehouse Mall address. Photo courtesy of Ear Candy
Classic Ear Candy box of matches. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall