I went to the mall yesterday to pay my cell phone bill at Verizon and I have to say, for the first time, walking by some of those stores made me feel old. Am I the only one or do you know what I mean when you walk by certain stores and (no longer being a teen) feel like you're out of the loop?


I did some 'mall walking' and here are the stores that now make me feel like I'm getting old:

Abercrombie & Fitch and/or Hollister: We used to have A&F here in Missoula and then I think it turned into Hollister, either way, you know this store by the super loud music, the cologne wafting from within and the dim lighting. Hello! I want to see my clothes and how I look in them, I can't do that in a place that's lit like a bar! AND ... what's up with the cologne?!? It's like they spray the entire store every night after closing; you can smell it from the other side of the mall!

Then there's Claire's: Little girls getting their ears pierced for the first time and crazy hair things that no one (except a 14-year-old) could pull off. Did I mention the awesome costume jewelry? LOL! If you're over 20, this store is probably not for you.

One of my favorite stores (when I was 12) was Hot Topic. Now, I walk by and couldn't imagine being dressed in black from head to toe unless it was a suit.

Spencers: Let's face it, it's a great place to buy a gag gift for someone celebrating that "over the hill" birthday or your friend's bachelor party. Other than that, if you've replaced posters on your walls for real art, you're probably too old to shop here.

Icing and/or Forever 21: Two words: DIRTY THIRTY! You are NOT 21 and, no matter how good you feel, you can not shop in these stores if you've celebrated that milestone of a birthday!

Did I cover them all?

PS: My plug for Red Robin... they are located in Southgate Mall and is one of the few places you can relax and enjoy being old. What store at the mall that makes you feel old? Other than paying your cell phone bill at Verizon, what stores do you shop in at the mall? Let us know by commenting below and we'll hook you up with a gift card from Red Robin.