If Oprah can do it... then so can I!

Where do I even start? In no particular order I suppose...

Mount Sentinel

Staggering Ox Sandwiches

Stockman's Bar at 12:15am

Local Radio Stations

Missoula Underground Strength Training

The trail near the Clark Fork through downtown to UM Campus

Big Dipper Ice Cream

The Big D Cinemas

Evan Disney Magic

Mindy Palmer

Wapikiya Records


The UC on campus

The Wilma Theater on concert night

The Hip Strip

Cashy Hyde Foundation

The Broadway Bar

Keep It Grizzly

Mayor John Engen

Hu Hot

The peace sign on the hill

Slash and The Missoula Maulers

UM Girls Basketball

Downtown shopping

Caras Park in the summer

Missoula Downtown Association

Bubs and Boards


The train at Southgate Mall (ok, my DAUGHTERS favorite thing...but still)

Monte Bear

Buzz Records

Gold's Gym

Locals at Perkins or Denny's after hours

Missoula Police Department

Denny Bedard

Hellgate Rollergirls

The Hub Family Entertainment Center

A Carousel for Missoula/Dragons Hollow (tied...again for my daughter)

Diane Beck

The Iron Horse

Brynn Malloy

Florence Coffee Company

The Missoula Independent

Missoula Childrens Museum (you guessed it, another favorite for my daughter)

Pleasant View neighborhood

Missoula Art Museum

Universal Choke Sign

Shear Art Salon

Downtown Dance Collective

Rockin' Rudy's


Anna Wong, Shear Art Salon


UM Dance Team

RMF Entertainment

Jaker's Bar and Grill


City Life Community Center

Hospice of Missoula

Homecoming parade

The Depot

Missoula Indoor Soccer Arena

Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency

Currents/Splash Montana

Farmers Market

Jill Valley

The Press Box

Grizzly statues

Local artwork on the electricity boxes

Five on Black

Good Food Store

The Lucky Strike

The Cold Hard Cash Show

The Walking Mustache

Dogpound Fight Team

Ear Candy Records

The Dead Hipsters


UM cheerleaders

Red's Towing

Mike Powers

Phi Delta Fraternity

The Montana Club

UM Athletic Department

The 4 X's

Bernice's Bakery

RBG Entertainment

Paul's Pancake Parlor

Pure Romance

Taco Del Soul

Bob Wire

Montana Fair and Demolition Derby

Five Guys

The Top Hat

The DJ's on 96.3 The Blaze

Salsa Night

The Bridge Pizza

Jordan Johnson

Dan's Soup and San

Alpha Phi Sorority

Chicks and Chaps

Washington Grizzly Stadium on game day

Biking trails

Billy and Charene on KYSS FM

Russ Thomas

Floating the Clark Fork

Monte Dolack

Finn and Porter

Reverend Slanky

Colin Hickey

Deserae Pollock Photography

Montana Mornings talk show on KGVO

Midtown Church


Blue Mountain

Westside Lanes

Pretty certain I'll be adding more to this list when they come to mind, but until then that's a pretty hefty list to begin with. If you have any suggestions to add to my "Favorite Missoula Things" then please chime in below!

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