Well, great. Where are we going to go NOW?!?

After nearly six years of pouring bottles from the stage and into the mouths of thirsty Thursday partygoers, Missoula's legendary Dead Hipsters are gearing up for a final hurrah as they have formally announced their retirement recently on their Facebook Fan Page.

While the reason remains unclear at this time, it is however a clearly devastating moment for Badlander regulars who've made their out of control Thursday night dance party the undeniable destination spot.

We've grown quite familiar with The Dead Hipster family over the years, and our guess is that while the group may be disbanding to some extent, this doesn't at all mean that this will be the last we see of them. They are bound to pop up in some other shape or form. Our prediction is that side-projects will flourish and stage antics will remain, although perhaps under a different moniker. We can only hope?

Much love to Michael, Chris and Abi. Thanks for entertaining the masses of Missoula for this long. Note that this is not "goodbye", instead "good luck" with your future endeavors!

The final Dead Hipster party will happen on Halloween weekend. For more details visit their Facebook fan page.