Your baby is screaming. Sobbing! He or she is miserable. And, to be honest, you’re not feeling too splendid yourself. This is not what you pictured “before baby” - back when your thoughts were all about cozy cuddles and cute outfits. Now all you can think is, “What did I get myself into?” But remember this: Your infant’s tears now serve a purpose.

Contest Details: The best picture of a crying baby gets featured in our newsletter and the person who entered it wins his or her choice of a pair of tickets to two upcoming Zoo FM sponsored concerts or events, plus a massive mystery prize package that will be announced soon.


1. We will post 10 pictures of crying babies each week for four weeks (this is week No. 2). Vote for your favorite in the poll ballot below. Your votes will determine which four babies will be brought back for the final showdown.

2. Vote as often as you want during these preliminary rounds. Unlimited votes are accepted from any and all IP addresses. However, during the finals round IP addresses will be logged and limited to one vote per computer.

3. Due to the large number of entries that we received, not all photos will be in the contest. Those with poor picture resolution, that were multiple entries, were in bad taste, or in which the baby was older than 3 years-old.