Residents and drivers in the Pattee Creek and Southwest Higgins area will see some specialized equipment working on the pond at that intersection next week. 

City engineering crews will be cleaning sediment from the pond that protects the drainage system in the area.

Street Maintenance Supervisor Brian Hensel said the specialized equipment will draw attention.

"Once we drain all the water out of the pond, we've leased an extended reach excavator, meaning that it has a longer than usual boom on it so that we can hopefully reach the full extent of the pond and remove the sediment," Hensel said. "After the sediment is scooped out, we'll stack it outside the fence and then we'll let that material dry and then we'll move it over to the city's stockpile yards, where we'll probably recycle it or use it for road base."

Hensel said the city will work with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to remove any fish in the pond. The city will also use a large diversion pump to ensure that the water that flows down Pattee Creek will still go down Pattee Creek Drive to Bancroft Street and into the duck pond.

The work will start on Tuesday, October 14 and will take two to three days to complete.