A nine-second snippet of a song called ‘Easier to Lie’ has leaked online, with rumors abounding that it’s Christina Aguilera‘s comeback single. Remember her last album, 2010′s ‘Bionic,’ which was a complete and utter flop? Nah, neither did we, hence the point that it tanked. So the time is right and ripe for a comeback, especially since the ‘Beautiful’ singer has experienced a resurgence in fame thanks to her high-profile gig as a coach on ‘The Voice.’

There’s no real proof that this song is Xtina’s next single, other than a source suggesting that it is her song and the fact that actual EMI songwriting credits were published, which lead to the speculation that this was an Aguilera tune. It was produced by Max Martin and authored by people who penned songs for her frenemy Britney Spears and Usher. Xtina’s name is not on those credits, since she didn’t write the song and it could be used by any pop diva. However, there’s that less-than-10-second snippet that you can listen to below that certainly pushes the rumor that this is Aguilera’s jam.

The snippet is synthy and you can’t really hear the diva’s voice, except for a few “Whoas,” which could be her. It does sound a tad like her as the note is dragged out and handled powerfully in a way that only Xtina could. But that could be wishful thinking. The truth is it’s just too short to tell, but if you rewind it 27 times, like we did, you start to think, “You know, that does sound a bit like our gal Xtina.”

Listen to Snippet of ‘Easier to Lie’