A new season of ‘The Voice‘ means a new look for the show’s sole female coach and resident looker Christina Aguilera. The singer debuted purple streaks in her platinum blond hair during the press junket for the smash hit NBC show, which returns for a third season in September.

Aguilera, looking a bit too baked thanks to an overdose of orange-y bronzer, wove lavender and purple streaks into her signature white blond locks. The streaks look amazing on her, giving her an almost dip-dyed, ombre look.

They’re either clip in or braided extensions, but we hope she keeps them, since they fit the edgy, leather and black outfit she wore while meeting with the media to promote Season 3 of the singing show.

With her rivals Mariah Carey and Britney Spears joining competing shows, as well as Demi Lovato (who is a newborn cub compared to powerhouse veterans like Mariah/Brit/Xtina), Aguilera needs to look her best at all times. We think she started off on the right foot with this look!

Let’s see more of this style, Xtina!

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