The gym. The dreaded place where we sweat a lot and suck air. Literally. It's daunting working next to someone who is super jacked or running faster than you. It's hard to find time in the day to make for just you. And not just at your house, but being active. I used to use all of these excuses before I joined Ridge Fitness and decided to change my life.

You're probably thinking this is just another gym post where someone is going to tell you how much work they've put in, how far they've come from where they were and how you can do it too. Well...This is kind of like that, but not at the same time. For the next few months, I hope to provide you with tips I learned from my fitness journey, share my personal story with you, from where I was, to where I am now, and how I got there. If this is something that interests you, keep reading :) Or read anyways even if you don't want to, because I'm awesome and like to talk (via blog, of course).

I started my fitness journey in June with a goal. I think if you're looking to start any kind of new, fit, healthy lifestyle, a goal is extremely important. It's something you have to push towards. It helps you stay motivated; You can't sell yourself short in hopes of surpassing that goal.

Sarah Yovetich

For me, my goal was to perform in a bodybuilding contest. Crazy, I know. That's me on the left back in 2012. I started at over 180 pounds in June and my contest was at the end of October; Strategically planned right before Halloween (thank you National Physique Committee). I knew I couldn't conquer my goal alone, though. Before I committed 100 percent to the contest, I looked up the best trainer to fit my needs in town. That's where I found Taylor Selig at Ridge.


Introducing the greatest trainer alive...Superman Taylor Selig. Taylor has been one of the greatest influences of my life. Not just as a trainer, but a mentor, a motivator, a coach, a friend and role model. He also shares my love for superheros :)

One of the things that Taylor helped me with was finding a diet and workout plan that worked for me, and me alone. His routines aren't the same for everyone. He knows that each person is different; Every person he works with won't react the same to different meal plans or lifting plans. This is something we will go into more later.

Sarah Yovetich

Today, I stand at a proud 148 pounds. I've found a love for different things - not just bodybuilding. I've competed in two powerlifting competitions and come away with five state records in two different organizations. I've started getting involved with more Crossfit HIIT workouts and weightlifting. I've also surrounded myself around people and places where I'm most happy...All because of one goal I set for myself last summer.

Sarah Yovetich

All introductions aside, I hope you look forward to hearing from different interviews I'll have with Taylor on ZooFM, bring your ideas to us and what you want to talk about, and can take something away from something I have come to extremely enjoy. We can make it fun, I promise :)

I look forward to sharing a whole lot more with you all, and I hope you are interested in reading! I also want to relay messages that will help you if you're looking to change to a healthy lifestyle. Comment below with your ideas and I'll make sure Taylor and I work them into our in-studio interviews and blogs.

Welcome to the #SeligStrength team. It can only go up from here!