Jay-Z included his gorgeous wife, Queen Bey, on his sequel to ''03 Bonnie + Clyde,' 'On the Run (Part II),' from 'Magna Carta Holy Grail.' For those who lean more to the R&B than hip-hop sides, rejoice! Audio has emerged of Beyonce singing her parts of the track without Hov's accompaniment.

The song sounds, well, exactly like the original, save for the lack of Jiggaman. However, because Jay-Z is absent, some street vibes are lost, replaced with smooth, sultry and soulful evocations.

Though Beyonce is typically the star of any and every show, 'On the Run (Part II)' often fades into the background without her man there to steal the spotlight. That's because she's a true pro: She knows this isn't the Mrs. Carter Show, but rather the Mr. Carter Show -- so she's letting Jay take center stage, even when he's not present.

Let's be real: You can't make a track about crime sound so soothing unless you wanted to. So for that we say, go girl!