This is certain to be controversial. Almost as much as the Best Burgers in Montana blog we wrote recently. But hey, why not strike up this conversation and just see how it goes?

These are, in our opinion, the Five Best Parks in Missoula, Montana!

Granted, some of these local parks may offer a little less or more than others. A couple that we listed (in the video above) are perfect for taking the kiddos out to with a variety of slides, tire swings, and jungle gyms. And a few others are simply beautiful, or perhaps even functional for a picnic or family get together.

From the newly built Silver Park, which we believe has so much untapped potential considering that it's not fully constructed yet, to Blue Mountain, which some may argue is just a place to run your dogs. And then of course you've got the parks that most everyone can agree on! Still, some may argue that our list is incomplete or wrong all together.

Give us your thoughts below after viewing the video above. Should there be another park in Missoula that deserves to be included in our Top 5 rundown?